Baybayin Tribal Roshak


This includes consultation, artwork, and translation starting at  $34.99 (USD). I’ll send you a high resolution graphic file within about 3 business days (large/complicated custom orders will take a bit longer). You can print it and take it to your local tattoo artist. 

*Please add your word(s) in the notes section when checking out or the order may be delayed

It's important for me that you understand the cultural identity of Baybayin. I don't want you to have something that just looks cool, although it is. You need to understand the context of the script and how it relates to our pre-colonial past. The purpose a tattoo is to have something personal, right?  

About Baybayin Tribal Roshak
This unique design is basically a vertical word in Baybayin solid brush that's horizontally flipped giving it a tribal pattern look. As a kid I was fascinated with the Roshak psychology test where ink was put on a paper and folded in half. It reminds me of the okir designs found in the Southern Philippines. See the before and after pix. I suggest a max of 2 words. If you want anything longer, email me at

Prices for 1 direction (horizontal or vertical layout)
34.99 - 1-2 words 

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